Finally Yours

To be completely honest, I didn’t know what I was getting with Finally Yours by Claire Raye, based on the plot alone. Let me tell you though, this is a good one. 

The plot of this 251 page book is – What do Tim Tams and Jack Wilson have in common? Other than both being Australian…nothing! One is an amazingly delicious chocolate-covered cookie, and the other is a total nightmare.

At least that’s how Lauren Somerville feels when Jack and the cookies walk back into her life fourteen years later.

As much as Lauren isn’t thrilled to see him, Jack is ready to prove that Tim Tams aren’t the only good thing to come from the Land Down Under.

He may have been an arrogant kid when they met, but time has been good to him, because now he has the looks to back it up.

But Lauren has the upper hand. As the owner of the world famous Somerville Winery & Vineyard, he works for her now.

And you know what they say about sour grapes…

My View- Growing up a lot of girls question “is he the one? Could he be the one?” which is something only time will tell. Sometimes many years will pass before you find out. I remember meeting my husband in my late teens and thinking there was something about him (like a tap on the shoulder) but honestly, that was it. Just a very brief split second thought. Years went by, life happened and then one day, almost 8 1/2 years ago, here we are. But with all that time comes baggage and it’s what you do with that baggage that counts.

With that said, this story is adorable. Their banter and electric chemistry is addicting. We also know my love of meddling family members (when it’s positive). This book gave me it all and I would love nothing more than to see it turned into a Netflix Original Hit or Amazon. Preferably a TV-MA version to get the full effect…

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