Reforming Hunt

Ahhhh… the ultimate challenge, taming the player. It’s tied right up there with breaking the bad boy. Both are favorites of mine so I was totally here for Reforming Hunt by Jules Barnard.

The plot of this 219 page book is – Hunt Cade likes women. All women.

Life is good as long as he’s got his boat, the steady line of beautiful women entering his resort, and cold beer nights with his brothers.

Until a new kid enters Club Tahoe’s children’s program and reminds Hunt what it was like to grow up without a father. Not to mention, the effect the kid’s mother has on him.

The last time Hunt got involved with someone he shouldn’t have, it nearly ruined his relationship with his brothers, the only family he has left.

Hunt should stay away from Abby…but he was never good at denying himself.

My View- Wow, the conflict of feelings this book gave me.

My heart ached for Abby. I have been through child custody battles and know that pain. I don’t even think there are exact words for that feeling. And her way of keeping her wits about her… until she doesn’t…

Then there is Hunt… Hunt the eternal Peter Pan and ladies man. He really let the players down on this one and while they may be mourning their loss, ladies everywhere are celebrating.

Just, maybe double check those medical records…

Click here to pick up your copy


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