Today I sit here writing this with sadness, disappointment and maybe some resentment.

Due to life events I have had to start letting things go to help my former Mother In Law. She was put in a really bad situation due to a miscommunication error and I have been putting in a lot of time at work and mentally while we get through this time.

I had to push back the opening of my own business that is supposed to be my future after teaching. I had to give up my eyelash extensions. I have given up time with my children and sadly, I must now take an abrupt hiatus from my book reviews.

Reading was my escape from reality and HEA’s brought a sense of joy to me but at this time its causing more stress trying to fit in the reading, review and post times. I am not giving it my all and that is not fair to all of you authors whose hearts, Hope’s and dreams are on the line. I can not do this to you and I am so sorry. I look forward to the day I begin to read again for fun and see what you have all done.

I especially want to thank Give Me Books PR for all the opportunities they have provided me. I can only hope that when I am ready to return you will welcome me. If not, I completely understand. Just please know, this is not something I want to do but something I have to do because at the end of the day , family comes first.

Much love always,


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