Hello, my name is Emeline and I am a former Hallmark Channel addict. Actually, correction, I have just switched that obsession to romance and chick lit instead BUT not like Fabio style romance books but ones that are more modern and somewhat more realistic. Notice how I say “somewhat”? I mean if you personally have reformed a bad boy billionaire then I tip my hat to you but know you are truly one in a billion… ha ha, get it…

Anyways, you may be wondering what brought on this change especially at this time of year but really my reasoning’s are quite simple.

  1. I am pretty sure I have seen them all but still need an escape from the chaos in my life.
  2. Some bad casting (and fake accents) have really ruined the whole story line for me, where with books I can cast my own.
  3. I am tired of my husband and daughter picking on me. Now I can enjoy them and not have to force them to watch it and most of all have to listen to the two of them complain. They really are something when teaming up together.
  4. I don’t have time to watch TV. I can read on my devices from anywhere! In the car waiting for school to start or get out, rubbing kids backs to sleep in my toddler classroom, sitting on the couch with my husband or during my many hours at the hockey rink.
  5. Sometimes you just want a romance story with a little more grit… no shame in my game!

So here I now am, a girl that has spent most of her life on the wrong side of a love/hate relationship with reading, now completely obsessed but there is a twist. I don’t go for the top rated best sellers. Nope, I go on google play books, amazon kindle and websites like bookbub checking out free books or any under $3.99. This new obsession can get expensive quickly especially with all the sequels out there. You authors are great for keeping some great stories going but seriously, the river could run dry.

Now if only I could put this new obsession to use which has now lead me here, writing this, with more to come…